April 14, 2016

Partners In Crime (Dalaguete Day 1)

Most of the time, we associate handcuffs to those people who commit a crime or to secure prisoners, but for a jewelry line called Marcy's Jewelry, it probably means something more than that (in a positive note of course!), something more valuable for humans to have - COMMITMENT.

April 5, 2016

Styles Of Bilzy 2016

Hey there!
It's April, and Styles Of Bilzy turns 4 this year. What's new? Hmm probably just the same, but more posts for this year. I have been on hiatus most of the time and now this little space of mine will frequently (yes frequently) run again. *blagggiiiiir (haha)

For this ye
ar's version, I still went for a minimal vibe on the layout, but now with BOLD style, just to remind myself and you to be fearless and brave at this time of age. I believe in guts and confidence, but it takes courage with a bold heart and wisdom to pull off anything in this world. It's time to step up your game, go beyond your limits and challenge yourself for what more you can do. Life is what we make it, do something NOW!

...and of course, BE BOLD

Bilzy Sombilon

January 30, 2016

Stay True

I'm wearing this turner shirt in magenta by +Roots Est. 2014 (@rootsest2014 in Instagram) from their ROOTS BASIC collection!
Shop here ► www.zalora.com.ph/roots-est-2014/

I definitely can't get over with Mayman Ka Dhai's HOW TO BE A BLOGGER videos, of course if you can understand bisaya then WAHAHAHA ROFL!...

November 22, 2015



This shirt sure is TASTY!
This post features an online brand of clothing that makes each individual a #BOLDOne -

November 14, 2015



The striped shirt, my bar lace (on my shoes) and this pretty (damn it's so nice!) horizon, this post shows how I love the basic print of a flat line that goes from left to right! 
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