November 22, 2015



This shirt sure is TASTY!
This post features an online brand of clothing that makes each individual a #BOLDOne -

November 14, 2015



The striped shirt, my bar lace (on my shoes) and this pretty (damn it's so nice!) horizon, this post shows how I love the basic print of a flat line that goes from left to right! 

November 8, 2015

Recently With Bilzy (October-November)

Yes people, this blog is still A-L-I-V-E! (HAHA)
It's pretty been awhile so I decided to put this "life-lately" post here on my blog to make it more personal and to let you guys know what's happening over at my social media accounts and of course, my whereabouts. Have fun reading!

September 24, 2015

In With The Old

Have you ever thrown your old clothes away? Or are you some sort of a sartorial hoarder just like me? (HAHA!)

August 16, 2015

Easy Basic

Over social media especially Instagram, we now go gaga in achieving that perfect "BASIC" look. Yep, going basic is now on-trend in casual fashion and for me, that style will always be an all-time fave. It's safe but at the same time, has the right amount of being classic and edgy.
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