April 15, 2013

Black Normalite

The heat is up for SUMMER 2013, and ...tooooooooooooooot... still nothing to do and got very bored and hooked up in the total used-to-do-idiosyncrasies-for-the-whole-days-in-summer in this lazy afternoon. But things went the other way around when I got the chance to go out from our house to fix some clearance problem to our school. Yay and horaaay for another day to dress-up and got something new to post on this freakin' blog of mine. Hehe, now soooooo much for that grueling story. Now, about my outfit that I opt to wear, I now used our official shirt for all Cebu City Scholars and just so you know, it's really my first time to wear this black garment.

One Proud CNU Student
Wearing BLACK in SUMMER? No waaaay, don't you know that black is the absence of color and it absorbs heat, that is why black is merely a no-no this time of the year. But hey hey, it doesn't mean you are forbidden to wear the color, I even broke the rules (laughs). Be a style-crasher for a moment and who knows, you may stand-out for your unexpected outfit.

Outfit Style Equation: Black Tee+Denim Pants+Black Sneaks+DIY Accessories= Summer Scene Stealer

I paired my black tee to my old denim pants (DIESEL) with my black sneaks. I just love how it fits on me (still can't get enough since I wore it in Denim Revival ). Then noticed those accessories? They are DIYs! I got them from an old garment that I bought in an ukay-ukay store and cut the edges of its collar and the end part of its' sleeves(cuff). Voila! Instant detachable collar and a rad wrist bracelet! Very cheap yet CHIC! Lastly, I brought my vibrant yellow-green sling bag with me just to add colors to my look so to avoid dryness (it's my FAVE bag actually, haha thanks to my aunt who bought it from UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON).

I love black, I just want to wear it on my outfits.

◄◄◄ Right now, I'm just hoping for MORE summer
             getaways and travels.
                                                  Sigh >.<

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Credits to my oh-dear friend Freya Kaye, for taking these shots on an afternoon sunset.

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