April 18, 2013

Bookworm Chic

"READ! It's a great idea" - Phineas&Ferb

 Summertime is one way to stay away from school stuffs and getting ready for outings or outdoor travels. But, there will surely be a time of boredom and nothing-else-to-do. There are many ways that reading can do to us. Be it fantasy or romance, reading will surely transport you to other dimensions. 

Now about my OOTD, I just made this denim shorts from my old skinny jeans. Actually it's PADDOCKS GIRLS, haha. Well, nevermind, no one will notice. Then I pair my striped top with my denim vest. To complete a summer-geek style, I put on these glasses and a leather watch (Bought it on SALE) to accessorize the whole look. I have this rad notebook of mine from college that contains notes from my taken courses. Yep, I find time to scan them again. I had fun reading my mistakes on quizzes and my misspelled words. *LAUGHS*

Vest + Shorts = Summer Geek

Watcha think folks?

Nothing to do this sunny days? Well then,.. READ!


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  1. ey i'm following you now through gfc because you reacted on my forum on Chictopia. so follow me back ;)

    xx ( love your clothing style )

    1. wow thanks karlijn,..already viewed ur blog as well and followed,...cute fashion too! thanks! :D


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