April 25, 2013

Cotton Candy Guy

Tired of some bold prints for men? or those Casual and Formal Outfits? Steal the scene and break the rules by splurging on some bright garments and ensembles with lassie colors. This doesn't mean to reduce some amount of masculinity to your outfit but it will surely add up some level of perkiness into your style.

OUTFIT STYLE EQUATION: Bonnet + Sweater + Shorts = Effortless Kawaii Chic

Have you ever enticed how cute and perky the Asians look? I mean, guh-reat epitome are Korean Idols. Their men dressed up sooo Kawaii and I am amazed how they bring their looks without diminishing their manliness  Actually, it even adds! *giggles*

Now about my look, I have this old sweater from my sister with fancy prints at the front. I then paired it to my acid-washed denim shorts (BNY). I just love the baby pink and the baby blue combo on my look. To finish this Kawaii style, I add up my sister's pink bonnet to match my top, the nerdy glasses (my fave) and some rad accessories. See that pink case on my phone? It totally matched!

Just don't forget match a quirky pose for the camera!
Making Kawaii-faces with my friend/photographer: Freya Kaye
PINK is for women, it is also for MEN! Mo matter what you say, it looks stunning for everyone. Its just how you innovate and improve things to fit for your taste in fashion. Just don't forget the cliche but effective style mantra: MIX AND MATCH!

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