April 4, 2013

HOT Mobile Accessories: "Cute Earphone Pin/Decor Pin"

Photo credits: www.etsy.com

This earphone pins are totally melting my eyes for its cuteness and bringing some "Kawaii Feels" even just looking at it on your phone. My fave is this BUNNY EAR design.

Pink Colored Decor Pin
Black Colored Decor Pin

I even bought some of it in a store at SM Cebu for only P75.00. My picks were pink and black because they look good on my phone. As you see, I own this simple yet handy NOKIA 100. As I put this quirky earphone pin atop of my phone, the entire look is super CAH-UUTE  and moreover most of my friends loved it and wanted to have like this too.

When it comes to its durability, I can say that you shouldn't buy those cheap ones because it surely won't last a day. Even if its a little expensive to buy, but as an admirer of "anything cute", I would surely want to have it always on my phone. Many would ask if this decor pin will damage the earphone jack. Will it? Well, I am using these pins very often now and when I'm going to listen to music and use my headset, well it functions normally.



  1. Love your new little blog, can't wait to see more from you! I need those bunny ears for my phone!

    I came here from chictopia :)
    Perhaps you could check out my blog and follow me too? :) xx


    1. Ashleigh!,.. I changed my blog to http://mystylearena.blogspot.com/. Same content. Hope you can keep in touch,..thanks!

  2. tnx ashleigh,... sure thaaaang! I'll post more interesting stuffs on my blog. already looked in your blog, and its sooooo PIZZAZZ. done following you as well. nice meeting you chicmate! ♥.♥

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