April 5, 2013

Denim Revival

Bringing back the denim. One effective style equation: Old Denim Pants + Oldfangled sweater = VINTAGE FEELS!!!

Denims now are kinda off in the world of style for trousers and multi-colored pants are used oftentimes these days. As I ransacked our deposited clothes in a bag, trying to find something chic to wear, I found this old denim pants that is totally not in-trend right now. But, I like how it fits to me so I paired it with my vintage sweater that I bought from a surplus shop and finished it with my modern shoes to keep it casual as well. Since the over-all look seems vintage-inspired, I took a photo of myself holding this old film camera.


I am currently amazed by this denim pants. It appears as a skinny jeans on me. Adding some more accessories like a round sunnies, some vintage necklace perhaps and a satchel bag will make this outfit more adorable and chic. But for me, finding this old denim pants in our house totally revived my fashion spirit and have thought of integrating this piece in something worth wearing.


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