April 8, 2013

Dye Young

As the song by Kesha that goes, "Like we're gonna DYE young." Oooopsy, saaarry it's actually "DIE YOUNG". Oh well, nevertheless, my main point to that is to emphasize my DYED shirt. With the colors of green(top part) and pink(bottom part) spreading throughout mostly to that simple white V-neck shirt, the essence of summer is really on the atmosphere for me right now.

We often notice the intense heat of the sun nowadays, and the indescribable anticipation for summer is also undeniable,... like can't wait to dip yourselves into the vast blue sea on a beach or to quench on some coolers for the satisfaction of your thirst. Me?  I just put that anticipation on my current outfit right now. Dying shirts are faves for the moment, whether on shorts, jackets and etc. So, I let my younger sister make one for me, AGAIN. Well, this is the finish product! An ordinary white shirt turned into a chic summer-inspired garment.

Star Necklace

 DIY Denim Accessory and a Rad Bracelet

Honestly, I felt lazy today that's why I hurriedly picked this outfit up from our clothes rack and put them on. In addition, the warm weather is really getting on me so I opt for comfy pieces. To add some style to my outfit, accessories are my so-called flaunt-helpers. I put my old star necklace to match my top. I also made this DIY accessory from my scratched denim pant and voila!, it's now a cool embellishment. I paired this to my newly bought multi-colored bracelet. I just love those vibrant beads that matches my dyed shirt.

For me, anything will surely look good on you if you yourself is comfortable wearing it. I guess in fashion, the atmosphere is also the basis for your choice of garment. If it's warm, then try on some cottony pieces or anything that fits the weather. Like now, summer is ON in the Philippines and this shirt will start and end your season with style!


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