April 12, 2013

No Good in Guitar

Okay, since I'm not posting lately in my personal style, here's something I wanna share to you guys. "I really can't perfect playing this freakin' but awesome instrument called GUITAR!"

Outfit style equation: Sweater+Harem Pants w/ damage socks+Guitar Bag = An artist kind of thing.

Guitar has been a thing that I don't mind, at all. But not until playing guitar was one of the lessons I need to encounter in my taken course, which is HUM.2-Music, in my first year in college. Well, I never thought that I could learn to play this instrument. Strumming the strings and knowing the chords are a bit of a struggle for me, but I'm proud to say that I know now how to use this thing. But, I still have a problem when it comes to changing chords when playing, it's freakin' hard, But nevertheless, I still survived the course and was able to perform my practical exams on playing guitar( I performed FIREWORK by Katy Perry w/o the capo, I didn't told my prof that it needs to have a capo in playing that song, oh jeez..).

My fave: STAR Necklace

Torn Socks
Well anywho, about my outfit, I paired my mom's TOMMY HILFIGER white sweater with my overused harem pants and finished it with my torn socks and a black rubber shoes. I also put my favorite star necklace on my top to have some rock star or musician vibe to my outfit. I also put on my sister's glasses because I really adore how cute and perky it looks,...to me! Laughs!


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