April 21, 2013

The Preppy Escapee

Yessss! Got a day free from stress, boredom, home chores and anything that dulls my summer. Yep, you're right, I went on an outing with my friends and members of our organization in school and what's the good part? We were on the beach! Purrrrrr-fect for the season. I had a chance dipping myself into the wild waters and eat my heart out. Truly, an escapee. HUNGRY for summer!


 Outfit Style Equation: Striped Top + Shorts = The Neat Chic!

I opt for comfy pieces on this getaway and thought to bring out a neat look for the trip. So, to attain a preppy summer style, I paired my old striped orange top (v-neck) to my trimmed taupe shorts (NIKE). To blend in with the colors of the garments, I wore my old ecru sneakers(CONVERSE) and a brown sunnies and a leather watch as accessories. To finally achieve the look, I tucked in my top and voila!, a preppy lad up for a summer escapade.


I just love the combo that I made into my outfit today. Actually, it's been a long time that I did not tucked in my shirts for a look, because I thought that it won't look good on me. In fashion and style, you must be creative and sensitive when it comes to the overall look on your outfit. If something's wrong and you're in doubt? CHANGE IT! If you don't want to commit a "wardrobe malfunction" problem. Now that's scarrry!

Well, back to my OOTD. With the season that's oh-so warm, comfy pieces and bright and pastel colors are adorable and the right thing to consider for your look, as of the moment!

Preppy in summer?
Well, that's appropriate,....and cute. ☼ ☼ ☼


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  1. So cute, as usual! xoxo


  2. You are too cute for words! New follower! Follow back if you want @ www.nightchayde.blogspot.com

    I want those sunglasses!!!!

    1. ,..awww i soo appreciate that,.. thank you sooo much cayli! I did follow your blog too and love your looks! Keep in touch,.. :))))


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