April 5, 2013

Still Cradled from Korea:"The Cutie Song: GWIYUMI"

After the smash hit "Gangnam Style," the Koreans also have another song that is gaining attention now and its risen popularity seems to rise even more, like craycray!! What about this GWIYUMI then?

Photo credits: www.macgrapher.com

GWIYUMI is sung by a Korean singer named Hari (하리).
Gwiyumi is a cute and nice song. With its catchy tunes, it will really get the attention of people especially those who are hooked in anything Kawaii or anything that involves K-POP.Though I didn't heard much about the singer, the GWIYUMI song really is making news now for celebrities in local and foreign TV are doing the GWIYUMI dance .

The dance is like interpreting the song that has 1+1 and up to 6+6 equations with a "GWIYUMI" everyafter doing the simple turned quirky addition.

LYRICS:1 + 1: 일 더하기 일은 귀요미 [il deohagi ireun gwiyomi]
2 + 2: 이 더하기 이는 귀요미 [i deohagi ineun gwiyomi]
3 + 3: 삼 더하기 삼은 귀요미 [sam deohagi sameun gwiyomi]
4 + 4: 사 더하기 사는 귀요미 [sa deohagi saneun gwiyomi]
5 + 5: 오 더하기 오는 귀요미 [o deohagi oneun gwiyomi]
6 + 6: 육 더하기 육은 귀요미 [yuk deohagi yugeun gwiyomi]
Lyric credits: www.busyatom.com

FULL VIDEO: www.youtube.com

In local scenes, our very own "Pambansang Comedian" and certified trendsetter, Vice Ganda just made a cover of the GWIYUMI song on It's Showtime Episode last April 04, 2013. 

A lot of young men and women now are performing their very own covers of this song and then again, taking advantage of the Youtube Channel, upload their videos and anticipate for a hundred views and if blessed with luck, be featured on a television. But hey, who cares? We do it for FUN right? My sibling and my cousins even made a GWIYUMI VIDEO that we also uploaded it on Youtube (laughs).

My cousins in every side and my younger sister at the middle, me? outside that door. :)))
See FULL VIDEO: www.youtube.com

In our modern age, we seek for what's hot and what's popular. Now, we try to follow and entice them. The growing fame of the GWIYUMI song and dance seems like any other known hitsmashers because for sure, this will infect our fellow Filipinos and as well as the world. For me, it's indeed a perky song matched with adorable steps that are simple and cute. 


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