May 5, 2013

A Month Now of Blogging

Being a BLOGGER has never been my dream or even my hobby. When it comes to this, I always think of sleepless nights, tired eyes(exposure to the computer), grueling blog updates and a lot more. But this year's summer in April, I got hooked to it. I have no idea I could manage to make a blog, especially when it's about fashion and style (where all I care is how my clothes match!). Every summer, I got this discovered hidden capabilities within me. Just like the past summer of 2012, I got bored at home and took a camera to shoot all the leaves, flowers and little insects in our front yard. In short, I got hooked on photography and until now, I am dreaming to be a pro someday to that field, although they say that it is the most expensive hobby of all.

Being a blogger takes a lot of commitment and dedication. If you're lazy enough to update your blog even just once a week, then it surely won't work. Blogging is where you meet other people around the world sharing your likes and thoughts about a certain topic. It makes you interact with them to different ways with the help of some sites relevant to what's your blog about.

Me? I'm a no-no fashion expert nor great stylist. I just want to dress up and look good even just for a moment through matching clothes (my obsession). They say that FASHION is all about how you present yourself and not being less of a man. True! It is where I express myself for you are what you wear! Style blogging is my thing now. Though school is coming, I'll try setting up my schedules to put up new and updated style/photo blogs. With these, I can continuously share my thoughts and ideas on men's fashion. I'm also planning a lot of feature on my blog for your delight! My Style Arena, is a blog of not just the personal styles of Bilzy but also, the compilation of fashion tips, the trends, what's new and anything eye candy! I will stick to my content to get my blog known all around the world. And YOU, can totally help me with that!

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♥ The MAY Change ♥

I bet most of you knew my blog as ANYTHING PIZZAZZ, but now I opt to change it to a more fashion-kinda-thing of a blog name and I called it now, MY STYLE ARENA. Since I mainly post my personal styles on my blog, I thought of having a place for all my proposed outfits and styles, and this is it! Free to enter my ARENA!


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Now as for you, I would like to ask which STYLE POST of mine in APRIL is your favorite? To know the story of each style post, go to the Blog Archives at the right sidebar and click April.
Comment below and let me know! I wanna hear from you guys!

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  1. Hello.. I came across your blog. I am bored, though I got tons to do :D and checked some blogs under Fashion and Beauty..

    and I landed here. Just keep one blogging and do what you love to do :) Good luck! :)


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