May 17, 2013

Dark Superhero




Go in full power, save the town and  be a superhero for a day.
Indulge in comic-printed clothes and a finishing herolike-sunnies that would make your look screaming for action.

 OUTFIT STYLE EQUATION: SuperW Shades + Comic-Printed Tee = The Super Chic.

According to this site, www.eyegoodies.comSuper W is inspired by the unique style of late 70’s italian design. The W represents the retro-futuristic style to perfection, yet also offers a basic simplicity in its design. The W was designed all in one line, maintaining all angles square, to the point that the arms barely even curve. It is thought of as the new classic shape of the future.

So, I got this BLUE CAMP SuperW sunnies (it's just similar to SuperW but the only difference is its' shape), bought from Ayala Department Store. I so love this type of glasses because of its' resemblance to an Eye-Laser or whatever it is called on movies.

I thought of a superherolike-outfit for today's style post. I own this comic-printed tee and a black sweater-jacket to make it my top combo. I paired them with my shorts(LEE) and this black sneaks so to maintain my look's contrast.

Be a secret savior of the day with this casual look (just make sure you won't blow your cover!). Haha. An all-black-super wandering around the metropolis? Now that's cool! Just bring out the attitude to flaunt the look!

Comic Tee
SUPERW-like Sunnies 

Just take note:  "With great power comes great responsibility."  (HAHA).

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  1. Great style buddy, i love your tee.
    check on mine


  2. You look awesome in this black outfit


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