May 13, 2013

Dry At Dusk

Merry Mom's Day to all Mamas out there ♥

So here it goes, mom decided to have a dinner with us in the celebration of Mother's Day. Well, evidently she treated us, but of course, we siblings must have something for her. My sister bought mom a special cake from Red Ribbon and as for us, a simple hug and kiss would suffice how much we love her. I love my mother. Of course, who wouldn't? She's a protector, a warrior, a fighter, and a believer. And lastly, she's AWESOME!

So it's a little bit late on the afternoon when we go and leave home for dinner. The sky's gloomy, the air is boring and definitely, as you can see, my look is dry. Dry, but of course I won't leave it that way.

OUTFIT STYLE EQUATION: Basic Top + Plaid Hoodie + Shorts = The Urban Chic

Actually, I got this plaid hoodie from a thrift shop just at downtown of Cebu. Cheap but chic! I layered it from my plain V-neck Tee (Hammerhead) and paired it with my taupe shorts (Nike). Finishing my look, I created a fancy armparty that matches my whole look and for a sole-cover, my beige camouflage sneakers (Converse). Because of the excess dry colors on my look, I kept it sure that I'll bring a little pizzazz on my outfit. But over-all, the tee makes it not boring So, if you're planning to have some dull shades on your ensembles for your OOTD, makes sure there's a color-saver on your piece. Perhaps a white shirt or any light colors. And of course, the way you bring out your outfit gives the total impact.

So I have this DIY denim bracelet. I paired them with these similar-colored armcandies that I bought from a mall. Actually, the way I make an armparty is that. I make sure it matches my outfit. I don't want some lost colors be present in any of my ensembles. I don't know, maybe its just my own perception. Hello? We all have our own styles. Haha. :D

My Converse Sneaks and giving emphasis on the pockets of my thrifted plaid hoodie (I just love the color combination!).

Me at The Terraces, Ayala Cebu. Thanks for the Photos: Beverly Sombilon (My Younger Sis)

Love your MOM! Simple as that, and everything will follow!


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