May 1, 2013

Fired Up

HOT SUMMER eyy? Yep, we have that too, especially if you're living on a tropical country named Philippines (where it's SUNNY everyday). Sweat all over and the anticipation for coolers are just around the corner. But, in any getaways and beach trips, firing up your outfit can make the season even hotter!

OUTFIT STYLE EQUATION: Cap+Sleeveless Shirt+Shorts=Summer Ready Chic

Make a great impression to your friends by adding a burst of hot colors on your outfit to match the extreme heat of the atmosphere. Match it also with the appropriate accessories to bring up a casual outdoor look whether you guys are off to a hike, island hopping, a stroll in the majestic beach to the north and other activities that will hype up your summer!

Now about this look, I have this fiery orange sleeveless shirt paired with a plain white shorts (Basic Editions). To fight the scorching glare of the sun, I opt to wear my white cap (Girbaud) and my fave and overused item, round sunnies. I also put up several accessories that matched my look. A tribal necklace and some rad bracelets. In order to keep my feet steady and still, I have to wear my sneakers (Converse) that will satisfy my promenades.

HOT! Burning HOT! I just can't help putting up a look that's totally on to the nerves of the people here in our place. But, flaunting it with style and putting up right embellishments to your outfit will make a good look afterwards! (Don't worry, the SUN is at your back, hehe!)


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  1. that is a cool fiery top...I love your write ups..

    1. thanks Raymond,..I appreciate your love,.. happy to know that! (",)


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