May 23, 2013

Little Camo


I opt to have this look for an easy going escape from home to my best friend's debut party, and yeah!, we really had a great time! All those foods, impromptu event hosting, the freakin' rain, the fun sleepover, get-together with my other best friends, and the over-all gladness that I felt for the debutante!(I'm so happy she's 18 now!).

OUTFIT STYLE EQUATION: Camouflage Prints + Beige Tee + Quirky Sunnies = The Cute Army Chic

Cargo shorts may be soooo out in the season right now and most men would like to go on slim fit pieces, but me, I tried to bring it back and make something out of this old shorts. It's pretty obvious my shorts and sneaks got some army vibe on them so I thought of a camo look since I didn't ever tried it. To perk up my style, I have this thrifted army-green blazer paired up to my basic beige tee. I then accessorize my look with these round sunnies and a little of armcandies on my wrist.

Beige Tee - Hammerhead
Army Green Blazer - Thrifted
Cargo Army Shorts - Wrangler
Sneakers - Converse
Round Sunnies - @ the streets of Colon, Cebu (bought in a very cheap price)
Watch - Metro Ayala Department Store

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