May 24, 2013


"Life will end like a rotten leaf and all of us will just sit on a chair losing our strength knowing the fact that on the very first day we were born, we start dying."

Haha, LOL! I just made a freakin' sad story about this one because all I can think of when looking at these pretty snapshots of me is pure loneliness. Thanks to my sister who eagerly took me these photos months ago. Yep, this one's old but I wasn't able to put it here and now I'm sharing it to you.

Now about this look, I have this craycray obsession on knee socks and I opt to wear it on that day with my harem pants and black shoes. I topped it with my basic white polo shirt and grabbed a silver necklace to finish the look. I just love the white black white black  on this one. Haha. Well, another monochromatic outfit that will surely make a good impression on your casual wears! Who says black and white won't compliment? Right? :D

Harem Pants and a Knee Sock Combo

Basic Top = Ego
Black Harem Pants = Thrifted

Well, to the extent that I am bringing an odd feeling on the atmosphere on this style post, please bear in mind that HAPPINESS is still the best thing to experience rather than having some blue feels deep inside! Raising your cheeks is still the best way to do! SMILE ;)


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