May 3, 2013

Out In A Hurry

"Let's GO!"

"FASTER, dugaya nimu oyy!"

"Pagdali kunu!"


Okay, these were just some of the annoying nagging phrases they threw at me that made me startled to what clothes I will wear. Me and my family planned for an outing (pool party) just right after the big fiesta celebration   in our subdivision. With my oh-so fantastic habit of being so slow-paced and very LANGAYAN (vernacular form of lingering), I was the last one to leave the house. Haha, I get that a lot (wink).


Because of their pool amenity, we were in a village just a few kilometers away from our place. (I got amazed by the big houses we passed by :D). With nothing new to wear (I mean, I really don't have some new stuffs nowadays esp. clothes, shoes and accessories), I hurriedly grab these garments to suit the day's affair.


Now about this RUSHED LOOK (haha).
I used the very cliche style technique that's very essential: the MIX AND MATCH way of outfitting.


Bonnet+Sleeveless Shirt+Shorts+Slippers= The Effortless Outgoer Chic
I paired my first-used tie dyed sleeveless shirt(Ecko Unlimited) to my acid-washed denim shorts(BNY). Great finishers to this look was my blue bonnet, my cousin's shades, plain white slippers and a little of armparty. This bag of mine is so old that I managed to wear it again that day. It's light and easy to carry.

                   Lite Armparty: DIY Denim Bracelet, and these.                              Tribal-kinda'-thing sling Bag

The use of mixing and matching clothes is not the rushed look it may bring but also the innovative way of trying something new that you didn't ever tried before. One example is ME! I really don't have any idea about how I looked to this outfit because I always thought  that my style that day was a DISASTER. But as soon as I examined my look, I eventually saw its' chicness and effortless combination (for short, it was OKAY!) for the whole thing was just for a pool swimming (oh jeez, haha!)


The whole look was just fine. Good for outdoors and summer trips. It's just a matter of flaunting your outfit with confidence. I mean who cares!, the SUN will always looks you good! Haha. Just don't leave an eye shield behind!

Happy Summer, viewers!
Happy Mix&Match-ing!


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  1. I love this mixed and matched ensemble ;) you looking amazing. I love your shorts! Like and ombré acid wash look! Love it!


  2. I am so in love with that beanie!!! I wish I could just reach into my screen and steal it off of your head! Haha I also live that bracelet! (Totally the colors of spring!)and I absolutely agree mixing and matching is definitely the way to go for spring!

    Paweit of:

    1. thanks Paweit!,.. I surely love mixin' & matchin' ♥.♥

  3. Wow, nice outfit! You have a great style! (:


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