June 30, 2013

Sunset Blues

Photo Credits: Jou Anne (fellah bloggah)



Unified Acquaintance Party...
Rainbow Themed...
Excitement of all the students...

...can you dare to be under-dressed for this occasion?

Haha, I'm so happy to know that this year, another unified acquaintance party will be happening in our university (wherein the 3 Departments, CAS, CTE, and CN will join together for a fun-filled night of activities and parties).

So last June 28, Normalites went gaga for one night and partied harder despite of some distracting school works all over the weekend. The wet party, fun events, great food, awesome friends and I-don't-know-what-else-happened was all worth it, great job CNU SSG!


I planned for a smart casual look for the day's affair. Indulging on some formal plaid polo pairing it with my quirky bow tie simply turned my top into a fun casual wear. Matching them were my denim skinny pants and this newly bought loafers from Metro (uughhh,..grueling tale in finding this shoe together with Jou Anne). Adding a touch of perkiness to my look was of course my overused round sunnies. Haha. Watcha think? Is it cool for an acquaintance party already?

Merjj, Jou Anne and Me (haha, FYI,..we never plan to wear BLUE for the occasion!)

Plaid Polo - Lee Cooper
Bow Tie - SM Basics at SM Department Store
Denim Skinny Pants
Brown Loafers - John Lloyd at Ayala Department Stores
Round Sunnies

Snapshots from last Acquaintance Party (WARNING: Brainiacs also Party Hard!!)

dancing like there's no tomaaaaaaaarow,.hahah,.. sweat!

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