June 2, 2013

Wrong Spelled ( + "Rainforest Park" Photo Diary )

See my shirt? I ♥ my country, PHILLIPENES, I mean, PHILIPPINES :)
Yay! Tooodaay was sooo great. Visiting this place is totally cool, plus my ready-to-go look makes my day!

So I have this easy casual look to suit our trip for the day. I layered my shirt and my plaid short-sleeved polo pairing them with my folded shorts. Finishers were my blue beanie and some quirky accessories! I just can get enough how I ended up buying that tee from Dumaguete City when I was joining a regional competish. I was hurrying that time because we were bound to come back to Cebu. In loved with it's tribal design, I decided to buy it despite of its' spelling error. Oh well, just keep your laugh unnoticed seeing me wearing this one :D

Loving this pose, David Guison's Style LOL!
Check out my fave style blogger:

HAHA, I even made a MEME on my shirt! Say HI to my nephew,..LOL XD

"Family Fun @ Rainforest Park Cebu"

Rainforest Park Cebu
The first of its kind in Cebu of a well-thought unique concepts that encloses an inspired mix of entertainment, adventure, leisure, educational, dining and unwinding for the entire family.

Located at F. Cabahug St. (Ayala Access Road) Panagda-it Mabolo, Cebu City where one and a family can relax and at peace while enjoying the serenity, atomosphere and natural beauty of nature

Contact Us : (032) 266 3246, 239 0350, 239 1820
Fax : (032) 239 0350

So me and my family visited this awesome park for an afternoon sight-seeing. Our eyes were amazed and thrilled at the same time for the lovely yet scaaaaaaaaaary animals they got and our excitement and anticipation for our next visit there with my older brother who have bought his new lens for his Canon DSLR. Yay! Can't wait. COOL SHOTS SOON!
My Mom, Nephew, Sister, Youger Sis

Me and my sis sitting on their rocking couch

Inside there OCEANARIUM: P50 To enter here.

My mom at there Souvenir Shop, just about you'll enter their OCEANARIUM

Okay my MOM just got vain, LOL. At their splendor fountain!

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Some animals that I took @ rainforestpark cebu. Lil' alligator, iguana, snake and a strange-faced fish. LOL! 

Lovin' the place?


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