July 27, 2013

Off To Practice (+ "Butter+Love" Photo Diary)

Photo Credits: Thanks Klayd (bestie) for helping me out!
Note: All Photos on this post are taken from my Cherry Mobile Flare Phone. So sorry for the not-so-good-quality shots, but I know you'll enjoy, haha.
Fridays are AWESOME!
Oh, hi there! I'm back again from several days of having no posts here in my blog.

As I was saying, TGIFs are totally adorbs, aside from having no classes (based on my schedule), it's also our POP JAZZ practice. Time for bone-cracking stretchings, grueling drills and complicated routines. But all of this will just go very smoothly because of our trainer, dancemasters, and very funny and "lagoks" jazz members. In short, all those fun moments I had will somehow cover all those muscle pains I felt. It's pretty GOOD to be a part of the university's dance troupe (trust me :D)!!

A normal casual OOTD for me. Shirt paired with jeans are totally a "style cliche". And yeah, I make use of this combo for the day having a thought to have a dancer get up to my look. This gaudy-printed top is our official dance troupe shirt for last year. So, I decided to use it and pair it with my denim jeans. To attain my desired vibe, I finished it with my favorite shoes and some cap and nerdy glasses.

 Watch think? Dance!

Cap - Girbaud
Green Glasses - Blue Camp (Metro Dept. Stores)
Printed Top
Denim Jeans - Street Code (Metro Dept. Stores)
Cool Rubber Shoes

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Butter + Love

Raintree Mall, 528 General Maxilom Ave, Ramos, 6000 Cebu City Philippines

This day is not just TGIF for me, but also SWEET! Spending the afternoon with my friends at school in this cafe in the heart of the metropolis made our tummy and gastronomical cravings jump for joy. An aftie snacks in this shop would be great!

I made some snapshots and thoughts to share to you guys 'bout this cafe.
Here it goes, forgive our faces, we can just stop giggling around! LOL.

Spending a sweet afternoon with my friends (from left), Merjj, Klayd and Mouiie, with special guest,
Merjj's EHEM ♥ (yeee).

See that blue guy?,.. that's Merjj's EHEM ♥,..haha.


Vain or just Selfie-ing? :D :D :D

Butter+Love is a cafe or food store for customers who are fond of sweets and desserts.They serve scrumptious cheesecakes, cookies, cupcakes, sandwiches, frappes, lattes and more. A cute eating place located in Raintree Mall, Cebu across Ice Castle. With its' tiny and cute ambiance, you can spend your free time in here with friends. Then, you'll surely walk out SWEETly happy.



Mini chairs and tables will welcome you as you PULL their glass door. They also have this geometric blue and white wallpaper.


They flourished their floor with this dark brown tiles.
They also have this comfy mini sofa with cute cushioned pillows

As you go straight to their counter, this Big Menu will leave you a minute or two of staring (or else thinking what to order choosing from these delicate foodies :D)
Right on the budget eyy?

This multicolored mustache wall is located still at their counter. Very hippie and young!


As we went their around 4pm, most of their bestsellers were not available already. So its advisable to visit the store earlier than that to buy more of their desserts. They only have 4 cheesecakes left and some cupcakes and cookies.

They only have this lamps at their ceiling.
For me, the cafe looks dull because of its dry color palette and the lights are just plain white. It brings oddity to the store for it should bring out a cute and lively vibe in the whole place.

What we order:

Oreo Cheescake for only P65.00 (Super Yum!)

Marble Cheescake for only P65.00! (Drizzled with Chocolate Nutella)

Their Soothing Frappes! You can choose coffee or non-coffee. ;)

One of their bestsellers - SNICKERDOODLE for only P100.00

Choco Chip Frappe for only P110.00

Be sure to order afterwards some glass of water if you don't want to leave your throat aching for indulging too much sweets for the day. :)

I finished first my cake,.haha can't get enough to its' taste!


Love the place, but I love their desserts more! Cute and Delectable!
More Powers
Find them on Facebook: Butter+Love

Have a sweet day folks!

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