August 10, 2013

Asian Black

Oh,. yep! That's my blog.

So I guess I'll say it to the whole world that for NOW, my blog will be MOSTLY updated weekly. #Pfft, I'm a schoolboy(just so you know). :D

This is my OOTD. Indulging on some black pieces plus denim jeans would be a great idea to hangout with friends in a mall for the whole night. Haha. Yep, totally loving this combo because of its' chic yet casual vibe. My friends even commended me for this outfit.(char).


I just love the print of my thrifted black top. It seems like a patterned design similar to Chinese clothing. That's why I entitled this post "Asian Black," since I am Asian(of course) and I love being one. I use this bag like everyday and it's just soo affordable. Finishers to my look were this overused nerdy glasses and the two-timer ensembles: Shoe Lace and my Black Shoes.

Shoe Lace on my wrist? First used them here: Geek In Ebony

Used some drops of Baby Oil to keep them shiny! Thanks to my friend Andrew who taught me this idea.

My sling bag for the moment. Great Photobomber - The Motorcycle :D

Making some quirky poses in the middle of the shoot. Thanks to my sister Beverly for these snapshots. (:*)

Spending the day with my high school buddies. (from left: Joy Mae, Me, Jee, Mary Ann)

Enjoyed this day a lot.
Love yah guys!

“We'll be Friends Forever, won't we, Pooh?' asked Piglet.
Even longer,' Pooh answered.” 


Black Top - Thrifted
Denim Skinny Jeans
Nerdy Glasses
Sling Bag - Metro Department Stores
Black Loafers - DINO @ Metro Department Stores
Shoe Lace (wrapped on wrist)

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  1. I love the shoe lace. Is that your idea? :D
    By the way, thanks for the advice for the shoes! Haha.. Good thing you still have some time for your friends because usually, I don't. :( (Just sharing)

    1. yup,.. that's my idea,..and yeah my friend taught me that and its really effective try mo!,..hahaha I just seldomly hangout with these guys coz now Im in college and they are my HS friends :D


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