August 11, 2013

Cloud's Crying


The weather ain't calm here in Cebu. Slightly sunny during daytimes and little showers over the night. Yep, that's our climate here, sooooooo BIPOLAR, and I hate it.


Now to abide with the weather, sweaters are essential. Basic accessory would be a plain cap to finish the look. What I love 'bout this sweater is that it has tiny holes for air to flow in and out making it very comfy. I also want to wear this cap in order for me not to fix my hair anymore,..I just hate my hair especially when it's already quite long.

Adding some tape silver necklace

Tommy Hilfiger sweater. See the fabric?

Am I good to walk on the rain?

Sweater - Tommy Hilfiger
Cap - Marithe Francois Girbaud
Skinny Denim Jeans
Denim Shoes - SM Dept. Stores
Silver Necklace


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