August 24, 2013

Darkest Hours

Hi guys!
Since I promised to update my blog every week, and I really don't know what to post for this part of the month (coz' of busy scheds, popjazz practice and stuffs), I decided to have this. Probably, I can call this post as #InstaPost. Haha. I'll just share to you guys how close me and my Blockies are and how I find light during DARKEST HOURS! ... don't worry, this is still an outfit post (though I really thought of not having this on my blog).

Photographed by Me.

Haha, we just had a performance in our class and we need to wear our costumes. Prior to the session we did took a lot of snapshots and these were one of my faves. Thanks to Camera360 for providing us AWESOME FILTERS! It really looked like we're having a photo shoot. Haha.

See the prints on my shirt? Love it a lot. Kinda baroque kinda thing, and it's white too! My fave. #Selfie.

Now, to tell you guys who are my LIGHT during darkest hours,'s really my blockmates (Gen.Ed. Block D)! Actually, when we were not yet in a block section, we're totally not so close but God really has a purpose on everything, these folks here became my companion and I ALREADY LOVE THEM (awwwww, char Block D uie). We work as a team (Togeather Everyone Achieves More) and we have an advocacy to GRADUATE altogether! Which means, tulong-tulong, kapit-bisig, share your answers (hahaha). So that's it, we are also fond of taking lots of funny and stolen shots from my mobile phone, currently, we have 313 photos in my album (just our freakin' faces!) Haha.

Haha, GenEd Topnotch,..SOON! 
[D]iverse Faces,
[D]isaster Beauties yet have
 [D]elicate Personalities.
We are General Education II Block D
and [D]at's who we are :D

with 100% passing rate! Haha.

HAHA. My face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well, what I'm trying to imply here is that,.. LOVE YOUR CLASSMATES, especially in college. Form a strong bond and who knows, these people will become your friends, or MORE THAN that! They will surely can help you, be your guide, and the LIGHT on your darkest hours!

Printed Top - Southpole @
Trimmed Shorts - Lee
Shiny Loafers - DINO @ Ayala Department Stores
Metallic Skull Accessory


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  1. nakz! ma touch man sad ta T_T

  2. Cute photos! :)


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