August 17, 2013

Juvenile Commander

Photo credits: Jou Anne (#instaphotographer)
Whatta good thing to spend your Fridays with a specific themed look eyy?
Yup, I went for a CAMO on CAMO attire, ... and my friends also went gaga on it. *laughs*


Do I look like an officer or someone who'll go for a camping together with a bunch of male troupe (ohgeez)?
Well, they said I am! Haha,..

This look, shall I say, is just exactly P200(except for the shoes).
Yup. So economical!
Live up to the power of THRIFTING guys, you'll surely find semething great in those freakin' shops.

This day, I indulged on some army prints and tones that I mostly got from an ukay-ukay shop just in the city.
Cap, Glasses, Shirt and Shorts all for P50 each! Kapow!

Included this accessories to finish my look.

Flaunt this camo inspired outfit / cutie kiddo with a cap, shirt and short combo. Make it more casual by popping out some accessories and choose the right kind of shoes to wear!

Sir Yes Sir!
Watcha think?
Top - Camo Printed
Shorts - Khaki (tailored)
Army Snapback
Round Sunnies
Brown Loafers - John Lloyd (Ayala Dept. Stores)

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  1. Cool look :)


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