September 9, 2013


Me and my freakin' besties were invited to Honey Donaire's Debut Party at Luna Beach Resort in San Fernando, Cebu. (Know the place here).

So, as I was saying, DEBUT PARTY, it is where girls here in our country turn 18 and lots of FORMAL stuffs will be observed in the celebration. There are 18 roses, toasts, treasures and wearing FORMAL attires. (HATE THAT!)


I decided to go for a laidback look for the night with a slight touch of formality on it. The fact that I hate wearing formal pieces like a tux and a slux combo perhaps, I just indulged on some jeans and a cardi. Putting a quirky bow tie on my polo shirt plus a rockin' shoes totally a perfect RULE BREAKER for the night. Haha. Craycray me!


Thanks Jou Anne and Merjj Bree for these shots!


At our room. Taking outfit shots.

*InstaEdit, haha

Such a pretty doll. Cheers for the bday girl!

Friends, some BFFs and Collegemates.

My college Besties. Ooooh, we partied the whole night. :D

Besties and me at our room. Haha. Getting vain shots while we still had the chance! Hehe.

So, that's it. There are a lot of photos from the party. 500+ photos on Merjj's album. Haha.

Haha, the day after. So Hagggggggggggggard!

I'll leave you guys now with this post. See yah at the end of the week!
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Polo Shirt - Robinson's Dept. Stores
Polka Dots Bow Tie - SM Basics
Striped Cardigan - Thrifted
Denim Skinny Jeans
Black Ankle Boots


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  1. I've never been to Cebu but I would love to visit the beach resort one day when I visit the Philippines! - seems like a nice place for a holiday. Thanks for sharing! x

    1. such a nice place here,..thanks Jillian for droppin' by :D


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