September 25, 2013

Sweet As Cotton Candy (+ CNU Intrams '13 Photo Diary)

Good day readers!

Just so you know, I've been very busy last week because it's our university Intramural Games. This was my getup on Day 3 of the celebration. I was hooked on the cotton candy sold inside the school. It's my fave sweet delights. I love it's color too. Hehe.


I was also with my bestie Klayd that time, we're both in plaid you know, and we wore glasses too. Haha. Whatta pair! (Also check out my other Intrams look here)

Quirky on Day 3. Watcha think of this look?
Sorry for not having a shot for the whole outfit.

I wore this plaid top paired with black shorts and black loafers. Accessories were my nerdy glasses, my sling bag and some cool armparty.

Top - Metro Ayala Department Store
Nerdy Glasses - Metro Ayala Department Store
Sling Bag - Metro Ayala Department Store
Black Loafers - Metro Ayala Department Store
Black Shorts


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Photo Diary:
Cebu Normal University Intramural Games 2013

These were some of the snapshots that I took from our school's final day of the Intramurals. Enjoy!

In the freeway, lots of cool stuffs sold!

Bought this bracelet! I let manong write "Blogger" on it! (Dedicated!)

I was with these two sweetsies of mine the whole morning!
(and HEY!, that's JOU ANNE and MERJJ!)

Had fun taking shots on the Referee's Stand. (Trivia: this is my current Facebook DP!)

Had fun with the drummer. (BOOOOOOOOOM!)

Closing Ceremonies + Dancesport Competish:

Our department won the second place in the overall standings! YAY! CTE, ROAAAAR!

Ice Cream Party + Afternoon Shots with Friends + Grand Finale Disco:



Went home like this. Haha!
This year's Intrams was so remembering. I heard a lot of positive feedbacks from my schoolmates. It was really a blast! Hope it will be the same for next year!

That's it folks! Hope you enjoy reading this post!



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