October 6, 2013

Because Life Is Extreme

 Last Weekend was a tough one for us block D, we have our MV-making project in our Filipino 3 and it's for our finals. So what we did last Friday (which happened to be my birthday eve), was an afternoon full of laughter and happiness, why?, I just decided to have our music video to be fun (nothing more, nothing less).  This is what I wore on our shoot. Geeky casual thing and the print on my shirt totally explained what we did in the ground of The Terraces, Ayala Cebu!
And of course, I'll leave you guys with some of our BTS photos!



You may check out our MV Project on Youtube entitled "Tuloy" MV (Version by Gen.Ed2 Block D) with now more than a thousand views and 60+ Likes!

The most awesome part was that, they totally SURPRISED me a mini-celebration in time for my birthday. They prepared cupcakes, a crown, 2 lovely gifts, and balloons. I totally adore my blockmates and I'm thankful for them that they treated me special as a person/friend. AWWWWE! :')

Okay, all their bags was on me, whatta great thing! HA!

 Outfit shots:


Printed Top
Checkered Outerwear - Polo by Ralph Lauren
Denim Pants - Diesel
Black Sneakers
Nerdy Glasses - Metro Ayala Department Stores

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