October 11, 2013

Saturday Mix-ins

Last October 5, me and my family went out for a dinner to celebrate Teacher’s Day. Yeah, my mom is an educator and I’m so proud I will be soon too. Hehe, So another day to dress up but I don’t have any idea what to wear. I just splurged on some of my old pieces and put them again together. I just went casual over the night looking effortlessly chic!

So how’s my mix-and-matching going?


Miss wearing this Ombre shirt made together with my awesome younger sister! First used here.

So now, I just want to share some bits of info where we went for a dinner last weekend.
Here are photos I want to share, haha, ENJOY!

what we ordered! *YUM!



ambiance: small, cold, cozy :D


Round Eyewear
Plaid Hoodie - Thrifted
Ombre Shirt - DIY
Denim Jeans
Brown Shoes


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  1. Is Ilaputi in Cebu? I remember eating there during my visit last January. I can't fully remember and tell though, I was a bit drunk that time. LUL

    1. haha Yes Aivan,.. did you come here for Sinulog?...oooooooooooh Hope I can see you naman next year,..hahahahha natawa ako sa last part (drunk), toinks,..hahaha


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