November 5, 2013

Back To School

Yep, its OFFICIAL! I finally went back to school last Monday, November 04!
Actually the start of our classes will be on November 18 because of the so much delay on clearance signing and stuff and our coming enrollment as well. As a department officer I have to go to school and help everything for "what I just said above." And yehey!, Back to school and allowance reborn! Haha.

I even got to see myself the damages of our department building caused by the tragic earthquake. We need to transfer to another office to continue processing our works. Poor CTE builidng :'(

Anywho, this was my #OOTD as I say HI! back to my allowance. Haha, finally!
Well, I thought of a schoolboy chic kinda look for the day. Indulging some of my fave long socks and shoes! To look more youthful, I added my superman cap and a geeky eyewear that matched my outfit. I also used this plaid buttondown from Sunset Blues as a wrap around!

See my ID? Tehehe, watcha think on this one mates?

thanks to my freakishly garrulous friend, John Rey for these shots!

Blue Cap
Nerdy Glasses
Printed Top - Jag Thug
Plaid Wrap Around - Lee Cooper
Folded Shorts
White Long Socks
Denim Shoes - SM Department Stores

and my I.D. (hehe)

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