November 30, 2013


Islands Souvenirs launched a campaign to spread awareness and help the victims of the recent Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) that hit our country Philippines so bad. Bangon Pilipnas, in english: Rise Philippines.

Aside it's an on-trend tee, their is a priceless value behind buying this staple and simple shirt. Help!, that's it! We can raise funds for the calamity victims through purchasing it in any Islands Souvenirs Shop nationwide! Wear this with pride then, P199.75 would be a very big thing to offer help for our fellow Filipinos.

Photo from: ThirstyThought!
Lots of shirt designs to choose from @!

Styling this shirt is just easy as 1,2,3.
1. Pair it with your basic jeans (shorts or pants)
2. Think of a style you want to flaunt (grunge, basic, cute, preppy, etc.)
3. Finish it with the right shoes and accessories!

Photo from: ThirstyThought!
Even stylish bloggers like my fave, Kryz Uy, even bought this shirt and wore it. You can also post your photos wearing this statement tees in your Instagram account and hashtag #bangonpilipinas or #islandsouvenirs.

Top - Statement Tees @
Shorts - Ombre (DIY)
Black Shoes and Socks


VOTE this LOOK @ Chictopia
HYPE this LOOK @ Lookbook

More photos of repacking of goods at my school! See previous post here.
I so love working with my fellow officers and SSG friends! Thanks Earl Jane for these shots.
(haha, seems like I carry with big muscles and optimum strength)


  1. Awesome pics & Stunning Look

  2. You do Not get to be so handsome !

  3. Hey there! Just found your blog. :) Happy to found another pinoy in the blogosphere :)


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