November 15, 2013

Choco Berry (+ #TopmanCebu Opens! Photo Diary)


Hi guys! It's been a while.
I'm so busy these past few days in school and I'll be posting some interesting stories here in my blog, and that's very SOOON, doncha worry!

Now, if you're following me on Instagram (ohohbilzy), you probably saw this red camo sweats over a photo of mine sharing you guys about some cool thrift finds I bought. Yup!, I finally used one of them and this is my fave. BAPE baby! (I'm zoo LUCKY!)

It's like I'm bathed with strawberry and chocolate for that OOTD. Mixing these colors weren't bad after all! I also missed using this pink beanie. Sweater + Shorts combo is totally my fave. It helps me not to look too thin and short (feeling ko lang!).

Overused Loafers! But hey, they are my faves, they come in very essential in most of my looks recently!

My freakin' partner-in-crime blogger of mine, Jou Anne!
She took most of my outfit posts including this one. Thanks beb! Haha. Pwede na! (#InstaPhotographer)

So as her bestie, I just want to promote her new and revised blog!
Visit (April with LOVE ♥)

"You go Guuuuuurl!"

Pink Beanie
Nerdy Glasses
CAMO Sweater - BAPE (thrifted)
Coffee-colored Shorts - Thrifted
Brown Watch - Metro Ayala Department Stores
Brown Loafers - Metro Ayala Department Stores


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#TopmanCebu Opens!

YAY! One of my fave clothing brand is now in Cebu! What I like about them is that they really do have some cool stuffs for men and I love their pieces! Topman makes a man look dapper and so stylish!

So me and Jou Anne visited their shop and I love their displays. Well-organized and cute! So here are some pics that I took (sorry these are few, I was too shy to take some shots, tehehe).

TOPSHOP (for girls)

FOLLOW TOPMAN on these sites to keep updated on their latest news. Be in trend!

"Cebuano fashionistos, you may visit their store here in the metropolis at Ayala Center Cebu ground floor near the Activity Center!"

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