December 8, 2013


Stylespiration: David Guison

Dry and dark shades for a schoolboy look yesterday @ CNU. Wearing this pants fitted at the bottom with the help of my socks and my overused high cut shoes felt like David Guison's trademark look. He's my favorite male blogger here in the country and he got a lot of pretty cool and dope outfits! I feel like wanting to copy one of his looks someday but now, a DG-ish attire is this week's outfit post!

Used this old shirt bought when I was in High School, love the musician feels on this one!
Helpful accessories (nerdy glasses, bracelet, backpack) finished out my look.
Loving DG and of course, his pose! Haha, POSEspiration !

Watcha think on this one folks?



and of course, as always, bestie Jou Anne took these awesome shots. She's new in LOOKBOOK.NU, please help her gain Karma by fanning this chick ►!

Grey Top - Rough Rider Jeans
Black Pants
High Cut Shoes
Nerdy Glasses
Black Backpack

"Watch out for my 'OPPA CAFE' review post next week!"
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  1. Loved your look so cool
    Awesome pics
    Great Job


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