December 24, 2013

Yuletide Chillz

#FeelingModel #FeelingEndorser

Today's Christmas Eve and I can't wait to celebrate the season of giving together with my family and relatives later at night. It's pretty unusual for me to write a blog post this early in the morning. I just have to post my recent OOTD coz' for sure, I'll be very busy enjoying the party latuuuuuur! #ChristmasParty

I so love wearing mini shorts now paired with high-cut shoes. Having a basic polo shirt is very essential too. And hey, lookie my prop, MINISTOP's CHILLZ! Isn't that great? I so love this cooler, perfect for bipolar climate we have in the country (yep, I enjoy sipping cold drinks in a cold atmosphere).


I so love what my Manita gave to me, an SM Accessories Bracelet! thanks Teren ♥
She's wearing the friendship bracelet I gave to her! Thanks jlurvy for this CHILLin's shots!

John Lennon Sunnies
Polo Shirt - Robinson's Department Store
DIY Shorts
SM Accessories Bracelet
High Cut Shoes


"Happy Christmas Folks!, Thanks for visiting my amateur blog. I just can't believe it, it's been 8 months since I start blogging, and for that, I enjoy every moment of it. Oh Santa, hope you'll drop by here in my blog too! CHILL for the holidays guys. LIVE THE MOMENT! smile :x"

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