January 7, 2014


This post is sooooooooo last year. But, since I'm not posting something lately in my blog, allow me guys to share this. For the sake of being a supportive younger brother, okay maybe I am, I dedicate this post to my bro's lovey! Yep, the name's Dufny! She's cute, pretty and really nice. Great catch Peenut!(bro's screen-name).
Haha. *insert raising thumb finger here.


Wore something casual/semi-preppy for the fam dinner with Dufny. I just got this sweater with the perfect collars on a very cheap price in a thrift store. Pairing it with these shorts, glasses and shoes, I kinda actually feel like I'm a Korean schoolboy (weh?)

Well, here's the fun part, Dufny didn't know that my brother set up a dinner date together with us. She even got teary-eyed when she entered the restaurant, and headed straight to the comfort room. Jeeez, I can feel her, really!

Oh well, the dinner was really great. It was nice meeting her. Actually she graduated from the school where I am currently studying now! Isn't that AMAAAAAAAAZING! Haha.

We dined at Manila Foodshoppe in OsmeƱa Blvd., Cebu. Then went directly to Ayala Center Cebu for a very short photoshoot in their Christmas tree.

Here are the rest of the photos folks! Enjoy!
(PS. We bought our sister's son, yep, my fave over-cute NEPHEW!)




Now on this part, I would like to give a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig gratitude to my younger sister who takes my outfit shots aside from Jou Anne. Meet Beverly folks! Isn't she pretty? No? Okay, that's fine! (haha traydoor!)

Nerdy Glasses
Sweater - Thrifted
Folded Shorts
Denim Shoes - SM Dept. Store


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