January 26, 2014

If I Were Blind

 LOOKBOOK is having their current contest now sponsored by LOVE NAIL TREE. I should post a look with an interesting story. In line with this, shooting at the very entrance of our university wearing a simple look, I came up with this story:

If I Were Blind
The green trees, the clear skies, the majestic rainbow, 
the flying birds, the walking ants, the horizon,..
this simply leave us on a thought how the eyes can see things, no doubt that it is the most important sense organ a human can have. Can you imagine looking on a plain black and dark place everytime? Seems very hard to live on this world without sight of everything and everywhere. It pays to take good care of our eyes.

"If I were blind, I see nothing, but I can still feel LIFE. 
 I am Billy, inborn with myopia, salute all completely blind men and women all over 
 the world who strive to see things by their own and continue to live life!"


We should ♥ our eyes. Can you just imagine yourself being blind? Probably not. You're not even here reading my blog if you're one. So, it's an everyday gratitude to Him who made us normally with complete and sound body and mind.

I just came up with that story after the day I wore this outfit. I opt to have basic pieces and simple look for that day. Sunnies paired with a black shirt and shorts and finishing it with my socks and high-cut shoes.
Diggin' this look is so easy if you love wearing casual during weekends. Shirt + Shorts + Socks are just so comfy to wear. Match it also with cool accessories to improve the look. And Tadaaa, you look chic with basic pieces!



Hope my story will be one of the five winners in Lookbook X LoveNailTree Contest! Yay! Fingers crossed!

Who loves innovating their casual looks like me? Share me your thoughts by leaving a comment below or in my FACEBOOK PAGE (https://www.facebook.com/mystylearenablog)!

Sunnies - Blue Camp at Ayala Department Store
Black Shirt
Trimmed Shorts - Nike
Black Socks
High Cut Shoes
Belt Bracelet - SM Accessories


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  1. You dress so freakin amazing!



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