January 18, 2014

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 Hi everyone,
finally I already find time to update this blog.
I apologize for the very looooong hiatus.

Oh well, this post is probably about a dream which becomes a reality. Yes, me and Jou Anne was one of the winners who got a chance to meet and greet Kryz Uy and Camille Co, which I always say, MY FAVE BLOGGERS!!!! (ohmygaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd!)

To keep this post short, I will only leave you guys with several photos from the #CutandStylePH event of Islands Souvenirs. Since tomaarrow is a big day for all Cebuanos here in our place, lemme greet y'all, HAPPY SINULOG!

Going on to the streets for the grand parade?
Here's some of my tips on what to bring and wear!
1. Sinulog Shirt
2. Shorts
3. Closed Shoes
4. Festive Bracelets and Cool Sunnies
5. Hanky or Face Towel
6. Extra Shirt
7. Tote or a Sling Bag
8. Cellphone/Camera

Sorry for the delay, but I hope it helps! Have FUN partying all day ♥

Enjoy the photos folks ♥


Nerdy Glasses
Ombre Shirt - DIY
Wraparound - Thrifted
Trimmed Denim Shorts
Kicks - REVA Footwear (https://www.facebook.com/REVAFootwear)


Visit their BLOGS!:
Kryz Uy ► http://www.kryzuy.com/
Camille Co ► http://itscamilleco.com/
Gillian Uang ► http://bydetails.blogspot.com/
Jou Anne ► http://www.jlurvy.blogspot.com/

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  1. Awesome pics!! Super cool outfit
    your blog it's really awesome



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