February 2, 2014

Will You Be My Nerdy Valentine?

Happy February Guys!

I am now editing our Music Video for the film festival in our school. Me and my blockmates decided to make an entry since we already made and tried shooting and making one. Remember my previous post?

What I wore for our Day 2 shoot was a "geeky loverboy" getup. Well, I'm actually not a nerd but I'm really searching for my love. When we'll HE come? Haha. As what they say, you can't hurry love, oooooh you just have to wait. Wait,.. it's that song again! Haha.

Have FUN this coming Feb. 14 folks! And take note, wear the best romantic look for the occasion!
I'll let you know mine soon on this blog. Up-to-date happenings are surely in my IG account: @ohohbilzy.

Enjoy :)



Clear Round Glasses
Graphic Tee - BUM
Plaid Wraparound - Thrifted
DIY Trimmed Shorts
Blue Socks
High-Cut Shoes
Multi-colored Bracelet - National Bookstore


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1 comment:

  1. Hello, I love your photos, you're so cheerful and sympathetic, having pink as the main theme is very good, congratulations.
    Surely you're not nerds


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