March 27, 2014


Seriously? Are you kidding me? Whatsoever.
Nah, no time to answer those questions since its been a pretty long hiatus for me to update this blog. Again, school is soooo sick now with the semester that is about to end.

Let's go straight to the main point here, see that BAG?
It's a bag? A REAL Bag? You are probably kidding me!

Blah blah blah, I bet you guys totally know all about this trendy bag over a year ago and just can't help with the uniqueness of the design. Yep, a cartoon-like outline and bold colors that pretty make other people turn their heads twice to stare at it. (I get that a lot!)

The very moment I saw this bag over the internet, I was in awe and that giddy feeling of having-one-someday. Thank goodness I was able to look up to this design on an online store just basing here in our place and lucky me, my brother wanted me to purchase this one as his gift for me last Christmas. YAAAAAAAY!

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  1. Very nice blog :) i love how you flaunt your outfits :)
    Do you mind following each other here in GFC? Just let me know
    Thanks alot :)


  2. So cute dear.


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