March 15, 2014

Take A Break

It's been a week for me, a very tough one. But I'm afraid it's gonna be tougher in the coming days. With all the compilations, projects, researches, stage play and other school stuffs I have to do to complete the finals, I still manage to surf the net 'til dawn, go hangouts with bffs, malling, food trippipn' and even smile and laugh despite the heavy loads of work I have to do as a student. Face it guys, there will be a time in our life when we have to be very busy, go serious in our work and give everything of our time accomplishing what we have to accomplish. Though having busy scheds, we all deserve to have a BREAK! A 5-minute chitchat with a friend perhaps, a coffee time with your bf/gf or even checking you Instagram for a while, whatever things you need to accomplish you need to pause for a while and take a break! 

TGIF! I was able to spend my free day awesomely! Together with my girlmates in class, we had fun! I hope you guys will somehow have FUN in just a day and forget all your worries. Don't let those things bother you everytime and overtake your mood for the entire week or month. Work SMART, give time for yourself and strive to be happy and cheerful. Because in every deadline, of course you have to pass! (hahaha, I'm gonna work on my assignment now! Haha)


The weather is gloomy so I decided to have this look!
Better turn your boring casual outfit into something chic and unexpected.
John Lennon Sunnies
Folded Jeans
Rubber Shoes
+ arm bracelets!

See, you go snag this getup and look fashionably great everyday!

John Lennon Sunnies
Black Sweater - Thrifted
Necklace - TakeAim from LOVENAILTREE
Folded Jeans - StreetCode
Rubber Shoes - SM Dept. Store


P.S. Always remember to catch up some sleep and always do have a break in hard and tough times.

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1 comment:

  1. I feel you. College days is so hard especially when Finals comes.
    You're necklace is so fab!!


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