April 14, 2014

The Narrator

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 OOooh, A comeback post to this one eyy? Yep2x!

It's been a while and I miss blogging so much. I just decided to go MIA and be back when the semester is finally over. And heeeeeeell yeah, 2nd year college is so DONE, d-o-n-e, AT LAST!

So I was saying, this month marks the time when I made "My Style Arena" a year ago. So much hesitations and second-thoughts at first  if I'll gonna pursue this thaang coz' I know it will be a grueling one. And YES, it truly is, Blogging is a tiring addiction, but seeing myself running my own site and sharing every thoughts I love to post, is an instant happiness I feel inside and the love of pushing it through all the way. If you gonna ask me if I see myself still blogging years from now? Well of course! I love blogging, and I bet "MY STYLE ARENA" will still accompany me through the end! *cheers for more years

 A great ender in school was our stage play. Our group presented an underwater concept in which we show how Ursula gone bad. We even entitled it, "The Villain Diaries: The Tale of Ursula" Haha, well, obviously my outfit didn't seem like an ocean creature. Yeah2x, I was one of the narrator, HAH, no pressure! LOL. I was with Eve (the girl wearing a bow tie) throughout the performance.


 So as the narrator, I prefer dressing up semi-formally with a touch of quirkiness unto the whole outfit. Great lifesaver was this basic necktie I bought hurriedly from SM.

Beanie - SurplusPH
Nerdy Glasses
Navy Blue Collared Shirt - Portside in Robinson's Dept. Store
Necktie - SM Basic in SM Dept. Store
Folded Shorts - Thrifted
High-Cut Shoes - REVAFootwear


Enjoy theses random shots from our stage play.

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