May 16, 2014

In The Province Of Carcar

 Hey guys! Now so much fuss about changing my subdomain/blogname and got to adjust to my other social media platforms, and just...AAAAAAAAAAAAGH! Well anyhow, nothing's permanent in this world but CHANGE. Got to adopt with that. I learned already my lesson and I would summarize it everything into my next post, tips on blogging! It's gonna be in the coming days!

 Now this is a travel post meant to share with you guys. My kind of trip and kicking-off summer this year and my style of spending it worthwhile. We got to bond on a different lifestyle where the bustling sound and happenings in the city are far far away.Yep, living the "bukid" life. So simple and refreshing. My friend lives in the mountain barangay somewhere in the uppermost part of Carcar Cebu. I got to see the view of the city and felt the cold breeze of the wind. Aside from the cool greenery ambiance, we had a mouthful of delish foods served for us. Charina and family, thank you for the accommodation! So love the whole experience, especially I've got to share it with my friends in school!

As for you guys, I will only leave you some moments that we shared when we were there by these snapshots! Enjoy :x



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