May 20, 2014

Team Panda

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Hello Everyone.
It's been a week and of course, these past few days were totally a BLAST! (you know if you're following me in INSTAGRAM!) And before I'm gonna talk a lot about them (which I will soon), lemme just share to you guys this #OOTD I wore a few days ago. We've got to bond with my nephew (Xian2x) on SM just to let him stroll around the mall and have fun. Of course, I too should be in the proper look. Cute, young and easy-breezy. We played a lot with him and I also felt like a kid again. Hoh, I miss my cutie-patotie already ♥

So I decided to go fun and cute in my look also. As you see, this Little Fraulein Panda baseball cap made my look extra playful. Seems familiar? Yep, used this already here (get to know the shop there!). I also love my armparty combo lately. I use that mix of bracelets several times already like here.

Pull off a quirky outfit just this easy! A collared top, shorts and a pair of sneaks with very cute items and accessories that will bring up kawaii feels all over your getup. And one last ensemble,.. SMILE!

Furry Cap - Little Fraulein (Link Above)
Top - EGO
Belt Bracelet - SM Accessories
Shorts (Trimmed and Folded)
Sneakers - REVA Footwear

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