May 6, 2014

In Full Bloom

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HI Everyone!
MAY is here.

This month is all about catching up with summer and prepping up for the upcoming school year! It's a perfect time to read a book, sip a coffee in the morning, family bonding, beauty rest and anything that involves spending quality time with yourself. Yep. aside from the blossoming of flowers this month, you too should be in perfect bloom and glow radiantly inside and out. We spend most of the time of the year on our schoolworks and some other stuffs that we forget to pamper ourselves and stay away from the hassle and busy schedules that we have.

Me, I am currently planning in spending this month just the way I want it to be. Less stress, and more FUN!
Daily routine would include:
Wake Up,Eat,Surf the Internet,Go to bed.
But this year, I want it to be different and I am crossing fingers right now that
I can do these stuffs all month long:
1. At least read a book
2. Gain some muscles (imma so thin!)
3. Go to the beach
4. Healthy Eating
5. Manage my cabinet and storage boxes (they are pretty all messed up)
6. Blog, Blog Blog, Enter Giveaways!

For the month of May, me and Jou Anne went to a photo shoot for the monthly update of my display picture in my social media accounts. The look was kinda of a typical menswear. Collared top, skinng pants and a rubber shoes. Finishing it with a basic wayfarer and a rock-ish combo of an armparty.


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Wayfarer - Metro Ayala Dept. Store
Patterned Collared Top - Southpole
Skinny Pants - Thrifted and Trimmed
High-cut Shoes - REVA Footwear (



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