June 12, 2014

I Am Bold

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Hey there readers!
It's been a while and for those people who are following me on Instagram, you probably noticed some stuffs I just received a few days ago. One of which is this floral top from their summer collection, I AM BOLD Apparel Sunny Muscle Tee.

I just love the comfort this tee brings in my whole look. It screams summer and not to mention the 4-letter printed word, BOLD!
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Facebook: facebook.com/iamboldapparel
Twitter: @iamboldapparelInstagram: instagram.com/iamboldapparel
Site: iamboldapparelph.tk
Hotline: 0916 270 4534

Go get yourself one ;)


I've been very busy these couple of days due to our very first event as EC officers, this year's freshmen orientation. I so love them already because they enjoyed the whole event and we received a lot of good feedbacks from them. They were also very active in participating and made a good impression to us and to the teachers too ;)

As an officer of a big org, a student, a dancer in our troupe, a blogger, all at the same time, I must be BOLD - courageous, confident and fearless. I am sure I am about to face a new chapter of my life as this school year opens and problems and challenges are just around the corner. They may pull me down sometimes but I know, at the end of the day, these are just obstacles that I can overcome. With faith, positivity and extreme BOLDNESS that I have inside, I think I can handle them. It's easy to say but I know the people around me will help me grow, improve and be mature as I spend another year in school. Guys, I know a lot of you are still hiding in your shells and waiting for the right time to grow as a student. I'll tell you, DON'T HIDE ANYMORE, show and challenge yourself what else can you do. Do something within your sphere of knowledge, intelligence and experience. Break out in your comfort zones and don't be afraid to take risks. And, if you all do that, you'll realize how good, special and gifted you are as an individual.
For y'all, BE BOLD!

How cute were my photobombers, weren't they? HAHA.

Sunny Muscle Tee - I Am Bold Apparel
Slime Green Glasses - Metro Ayala Department Store
Skinny Pants - Thrifted & Trimmed
Tourist Grey Socks - Richer Poorer
Denim Green Shoes - SM Department Store
Native Accessories



Photos by: Alreen Jumar Omang


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