October 21, 2014

Red Viper

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Ssssss.Hiss. Hiss.
I was infected by some sort of fashion venom today and was able to pull off this look! Haha, seems like a chic snake roamed around the city awhile ago, ey? (haha feeler lang)

Well, if you were able to spot me (like them! hahaha), yeah I was with my friends and planned to shoot my OOTD on this place.

Thanks a bunch to Happy Organism for sending me some of their accessories a few months ago. Finally, I was able to use one of them. I wore their animal (dolphin) totem choker type necklace. I chose dolphin because aside they're just gay sharks (haha), they approach life with joy and humor which somehow describes me! If you want one, try to pick your own animal totem necklace NOW!

Instagram: http://instagram.com/happyorganism
SMS/Viber: 09179818934


I am addicted to Artweark's shirts and tanks right now. They totally have some cool and artsy printed clothes to sell. Thanks to them for giving me three garments and I can't wait to blog each one of them. Stay tuned for my next posts to know more about the shop!


Well. what do you think on this getup?
Drop some comments BELOW!

Choker - Happy Organism
Tank Top - Artweark
Accessories - SM Accessories
Skinny Jeans
Socks - Richer Poorer
High-Cut Sneakers



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  1. Good job on pulling that outfit off especially with that tank! At first, I was wondering where this place could be, sus IT Park diay! Hahaha. Great outfit 'nak! :)

  2. i love your blog dude.. keep it up.. can u check my blog also.. kenjuma96@blogspot.com its also about fashion


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