October 9, 2014

Zhika Collection

Aside from the Downey-ed clothes that I wear everyday, one thing that keeps me fragrant and feeling fresh daily is these perfumes from Zhika Collection!

Thanks to the generous person behind Zhika for sending me their sample fumes. My fave is this Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren inspired. I love the smell and it stays on me throughout the day. Yes! It lasts long. Ooooooh I wish I could have a year supply of this! Tehehe.

Their perfumes are guaranteed of good quality and very affordable too!

10ml - P70 
30ml - P180 
60ml - P320 

If you want to have a bottle or two, 
contact Zhika Collection NOW!

SMS/Viber ► 0998-534-41-98 or 09331514596


For product or food reviews, drop me a message on my email: iheartbilzee@gmail.com!




  1. Cool! Will check them out! But they do have something for women right? :)


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